A lot of people say that the Steelers need to draft a safety due to age concerns with their current duo, Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu. However, this year’s draft has greater depth in cornerbacks. I have long been a proponent of the thinking that for free saftey at least, you might be better off moving a player there from corner. The free saftey needs cover skills more so than a strong safety, who spehds more time in run support. The free safety is the last line of all defense, but specifically pass defense.

The Steelers happen to have just such a candidate in Cortez Allen. Allen showed in the last few games of laat year that he can not only cover well, but get turnovers, an element missing from the defense in general the last few seasons. I think he has the skills to be an excellent free safety. At 6-1 and well over 200 pounds he actually has the size to play either safety spot. He was the payer the Steelers put 1-1 with Rob Gronkowski when the Steelers played the Patriots. If Allen can – and did – excel at an assignment like that, he has a strong and versitle skill set indeed.

The Steelers current cornerback roster is loaded. Allen, Ike Taylor, Curtis Brown, Josh Victorian, Van Dyke, and Keenan Lewis if he can be resigned. Add in new signee Willie Gay, and there is considerable depth.

In my opinion, the Steelers are best served by picking up even more talent from this draft rich in CBs – and using this depth to fill future holes at the safety position as well. Allen to free safety is a move than puts a talented youjngmplayer is a position to use his skills to their fullest. Could either Lewis or Gay play free safety? If so moving the versitle Allen to strong safety covers both positions.