I wish there were a way to measure what people often call the “hometown discount.” Thats what a player will give to the team they play for on their contract, if they like playing there. It would be one way to tell what players are just in it for the money.

It would also tell what teams/cities are considered by the players as the best places for a player to play. There would be stats for which teams lead the league in hometown discount, and those teams would be the teams/cities that players consider to be the best places to play. Those are the teams that players sacrifice the most money to play for.

Every year the Pittsburgh Steelers would be at the top of the list. I think more players give more of the of the money they COULD earn, back to their fans and teams than just about any other team. Maybe the Patriots? That would be about it. Its one way how they keep their across the board talent and keep in contention nearly every year.

This year, the team that is finishing last in the league in hometown discount is the ravens. That would be very hard to argue with right now.