The Steelers are a bit limited in their choices at running back right now. Last year the backs were considered a strength, with Dwyer, Redman, Batch, Mendenhall and the fast rookie Rainey. How things change. Mendy and Rainey are gone, and none of others looked consistantly good last year.

Right now, Dwyer has to be considered the starter, Redman the back up and short yardage back, and Batch the 3rd down back. I don’t think that’s enough and I doubt the Steelers disagree. They will most certainly draft a back and try to sign some free agents post-draft, cheap. If they get someone who can get some carries and quality yards right away, even better.

The Steelers will have a new blocking scheme this year, one that comes with their new line coach. They should also start the year with a young o-line that figures to be improved, at least for run blocking. I think that Dwyer, who seems to hit the holes more accurately and harder than the others, will benefit the most from it. Whoever they draft needs to fit their new scheme too, someone who hits a hole hard and fast and relentlessly.

I think the ground game will be improved in 2013, after all it’d be hard to be worse. The new zone blocking scheme, a second year with the new offensive scheme of Haley’s, and the young talented offensive line that fits the blocking scheme, all should merit some improvement. What will take the ground game from decent to good will be up to the backs.