Last year’s draft brought us three new names worth keeping an eye on: guards DeCastro and Beachum, and tackle Adams. Decastro is already penciled in as the right guard of the future. Adams will either pay right or left tackle with Gilbert at the other. Who is where still remains to be seen.

Beachum is the interesting case. The Steelers rave about his iq, both football-wise and otherwise. He started out last year getting work at guard and finished up playing a very servicable right tackle after Gilbert and Adams both went down. This year, he do anything from a line swing role (the Steelers reportedly feel he could play every position, if needed) to starting at left guard. depends on who resigns as to what the Steelers want to do with him.

Colon could return if he takes a big pay cut. Will Foster return as well? He will undoubtedly get some attention during fre agency and he doesn’t realy fit the new blocking scheme the new o-line coach plans to install. Foster is another player who can play both guard and tackle in a pinch. After starting the bulk of the last three years, I’d bet he undoubtedly wants to continue to do so, and get paid like it.

Pouncey is of course set at center. His back up the last few years has been Legursky, who’s heart and mind are far better for football than his short and unathletic body is. Still, that said, he fits the new scheme better than the old one does.

In general, considering the new scheme, I think the Steelers will keep open minds on all possible options. Free agency has yet to play out and there are still more contracts issues to resolve, and then comes the draft where even more players might be added. Injuries laat year gave some players, like Beachum, a chance to show their stuff earlier than the Steelers would have liked. There are many possible parts to the offensive line puzzle. It’s go to be a lot of fun for us fans as the Steelers start sorting them out.